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Membership and the Board


The Phoenix Earth Food Cooperative has adopted an equity model: Instead of paying regular dues, you become a member (and owner) by making a one-time payment, your equity (currently $72). In addition to membership, new members receive a discount card, valid for two years. Alternatively, one-year discount cards ($36) can be purchased and after them buying them twice, you automatically become a member. Although the discount card needs to be renewed every year, membership is for life, with or without a current discount card. Among the privileges of membership: Members vote at annual meetings of the Co-op and elect the Board, which in turn appoints and evaluates the General Manager.

The Board

The Phoenix Earth Food Co-op is governed by a board that is elected by its members. At the annual membership meeting, held on Sunday, October 21, 2018, the following candidates were elected:

  • Kristin Nortz
  • Anita Levin
  • Hermann von Grafenstein

The current board is made up of

  • Adrienne Armstrong
  • Shelly Boraby
  • Maureen Ciesinski
  • Claudia Cooper
  • Tom Fine
  • Hermann von Grafenstein
  • Alyx Kendzierski
  • Anita Levin
  • Kristin Notz

For more details see the Board's page.

Applications for board candidacy are accepted throughout the year. Application forms are available at the store or can be downloaded in several formats: Word, OpenOffice, PDF. One can apply on line, too.

Board Meetings and more

The board's regular meeting time is now the fourth Wednesday of each month from 6:30pm to 8pm. Exceptions from this schedule (often in November and December) will be announced as soon as possible. From Oct. 2018 onwards, the regular meeting place is the at the West Toledo Branch of Toledo Lucas County Public Library 1320 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43612. All members welcome.