Awesome Produce

Come here to shop for groceries that are

  • Organically grown
  • Healthy (minimally processed and free from unnecessary additives)
  • Environmentally sound (locally grown or produced, minimally and ecologically packaged)

Our staff will be available for advice and questions.

A cooperative is a business owned and operated by its members, but you do not need to be a member to shop here. The are many advantages of membership, most importantly, you can elect a board of directors that answers to you.

Events—Latest News Updates

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    Board meeting

    Our upcoming board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 26, 6:30–8pm at the Heatherdowns Branch of Lucas County Public Library. The address: 3265 Glanzman Rd, Toledo, OH 43614, +1-419-259-5270. All members are welcome, as always.

    Outreach meeting

    The June meeting of the Outreach Committee will be held on Tuesday, June 18th, 6:30pm, at 3739 SulphurSpring Road in Ottawa Hills.

    Annual membership meeting

    The annual membership meeting was held on October 21, 6p-8pm, not at Pilgrim Church as originally planned, but at the store. Although we were all a little crowded in this small space, the spirits were high and expansive. I want to thank everybody who attended and contributed to making the meeting a great success. New ideas were presented and will make sure they are implemented

    Kristin Nortz was elected to the board for the first time. Anita Levin and Hermann von Grafenstein were re-elected.

    Let's keep the Co-op going! Hermann von Grafenstein, board president

    A Phoenix bake-sale

    This past September 30th the Phoenix Earth Food Co-op outreach community hosted a bake sale to raise funds for repairs. We received many delicious donations of baked goods. The event was well attended and we made $120 for the co-op. Thanks for all who donated and purchased items. Can't wait till next year!

    Phoenix in the Blade

    The co-op was featured in the online Newsslide section of the Blade. Have a look: Phoenix in Blade.